About Us

Our company is dealing especially with import and sale of tractor-units and semi-trailers.

The connection with the transport and motor vehicles we have since 1980. We began as a family transport company which has increased from year to year. When we exchanged our fleet in 2007, we had noticed that there were no used vehicles on the Polish market.

Our company – Jabłoński Truck – was founded in this way and is at the moment one of the biggest dealers of used cars and semi-trailers in south Poland.

As a company with great work experience in transport field we know needs of hauliers. We always offer reliable and high-quality machines. In our broad range of vehicles you can find e.g. new and used semi-trailers, flatbed semi-trailers, tautliners, refrigerated semi-trailers etc., as well as wide range of tractor-units with almost every brand, various specifications, years of production and mileages which always correspond to the actual mileage of the vehicle – we can guarantee that.

In addition to this, each of the vehicles will be verify in terms of legality and legal position. Solidity and a high quality of our services are confirmed by the fact that 70% of our customers are regular or those who come on somebody’s recommendation.

We also guarantee favorable  leasing and loan offers. We help our clients with registration of vehicles and semi-trailers and provide a possibility of trading-in your automobiles.

If the vehicles, that we offer on our website, don’t meet your needs, please – just get in touch with us. We will surely help you!

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